We offer the following services:

Children’s and adult’s orthodontia (Crooked teeth straightening and correction of irregular bites malocclusion by up-to-date braces – aesthetic, ceramic, sapphire, synthetic or metal)

Aesthetic and restorative stomatology

o Bonding procedures to aesthetically and structurally enhance teeth

o Enamel veneering

o Porcelain facets

o Porcelain crowns (pressed ceramic)

o Zirconium dioxide

o Titanium ceramics

o Matrix-mold and matrix-cut dentures

Cosmetic dentistry

o Professional programs for long-lasting teeth whitening

o Oral health programs

o Dental jewelry

General dentistry

o High quality photopolymers (nanotechnology)

o Root treatment

o Metal ceramic

o Periodontal therapy

Preventive dentistry

o Professional hygiene – cleaning of tartar and coating by ultra-sound and polishing

o Silica-coating and silanization – tooth fissures sealing

o Fluorization – to decrease the hyper sensibility of the tooth necks

Be welcome in our clinic to convince yourselves in the quality of our services.