Teeth whitening

The bleaching is achieved by means of a light whitening program – Zoom! For one visit – 3 cycles 20 minutes each. After the whitening and the stabilization of the colour, a photo-polymerization polish – BisCaves – Bisco is applied for long-lasting results and a brilliant and uniform look.

A total change of front

Complete treatment performed: 1st stage – the front teeth on the mandible are bleached by light after the program Zoom (USA) – a starting, lighter colour is achieved, after which the recovery of the maxilla and the mandible will be continued . After the procedure have been prolonged the worn-out cutting edges of the lower incisors – enameling plastics. Replacement of the non-aesthetic bridge-works to the sides of the maxilla and the mandible by 4 aesthetic ceramic bridges and 6 ceramic crowns – manufactured from HeraCeram ceramics – Haeraus Kulzer (Germany).

Ceramic crown

A ceramic crown made by pure porcelain on the 4th tooth from Duceram Kiss – Dogusa – USA, and recovery of the cutting edge of the firs incisor – bonding by a composite for bleached teeth Amelogem – Ultradent!

Teeth whitening 

Light bleaching – program Zoom. Before whitening – colour А3 (after the Vita colour scale). After whitening – colour B1 (Vita), teeth are whitened by 8 nuances only for one visit!


Aesthetic recovery of the front 2 incisors – bonding by a micro file composite Vit-l-escence-Ultadent (USA).